Navaja de Barbero Antigua Barbería de Barrio


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Navaja de Barbero Antigua Barbería de Barrio. Desarrollada por el fabricante de Navajas y cuchilleria " Ivo Cutelarias " en colaboración con Antigua Barbería de Barrio, tratando de mantener las marcas de identidad de la marca, tradición y calidad.

Magnífica  Shavette de hoja desechable y cacha de madera fabricada de manera artesanal con logo a fuego. Un bello compendio de modernidad y tradición.

Fabricado en Portugal 

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Amazing quality shavette

This is the most impressive Shavette style razor I have held. The $100+ Feather may be even better (I can't afford one), but this is the finest polish and finish I could ever expect. The multi-ply wood scales aren't fancy, but I expect them to endure many years of use with a pleasant wood warmth and respectable finish. The blade holder is wonderfully heavy compared to any shavette I have held (Dovo feels like a toy) and the forward thumb notch is a perfect distance for fine control. The polished stainless steel is impeccable and the slope of the holder towards the DE blade half is smooth and uniform across the width. If there is anything negative I've found, it is that it takes some care and time to load a broken half DE blade because of the tight tolerances of the holder. Of course that is also a good thing when you shave!

This is simply the most serious effort I have found in producing a shavette that handles like a straight razor.

Thank you Gifts&Care for offering the Antiga Barbearia de Bairro Shavette!

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- 26/09/2015

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Navaja de Barbero Antigua Barbería de Barrio

Navaja de Barbero Antigua Barbería de Barrio

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