Maquinilla Afeitar Timor Acero Inoxidable Peine Abierto 100mm


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Maquinilla Afeitar Timor Peine Abierto 100mm. Mango de acero inoxidable elegantemente grafilado para mejorar su agarre. Su cabezal de peine abierto, permite un exigente apurado indicado para las bravas más duras y rebeldes.  

Está diseñada para cubrir a la perfección las necesidades del afeitado,  buscando el equilibrio entre la calidad de los materiales, la funcionalidad y un precio contenido.

Mango largo 100mm. Ideal para manos grandes o usuarios que prefieren una agarre más firme.

Longitud total  150mm

Fabricado en Alemania. 

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Mild, efficient open comb

This is a quality open comb razor - the machining of the head and handle and the chrome plating of the head are comparable to the major German manufacturers. The shape of the head is very like a modern closed comb (other than the obvious difference between closed 'bar' and open 'comb'), and is quite a contemporary style, unlike the more usual traditional style of most open combs. This design makes it stand out from other open combs and should appeal to those seeking a sleek, modern razor.
As for shaving with it, open comb razors always seem to need extra care but the Giesen & Forsthoff breaks all the rules - it has a smooth, mild feel and is much more forgiving than other open combs, but is still efficient enough to give a close shave.
The added bonus of the reasonable price makes this an excellent product all round.

    - 25/09/2017

    High quality mild, efficient open comb razor

    Was pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality chrome plated head and long stainless steel handle. The machining and plating is on a par with other German razors and looks fantastic. The design of the head is different from the traditional open combs and more like the highly regarded modern European closed comb razors. The head and cap are a little longer than normal and fully cover the non sharpened blade edges, which means they do not protrude - a nice feature.
    This is my second open comb razor and is much smoother that expected. Not very aggressive but smooth and quite efficient, dealing with heavy growth without having to be overly cautious about nicks and cuts. This excellent razor will definitely be used in my regular rotation.

      - 23/09/2017

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      Maquinilla Afeitar Timor Acero Inoxidable Peine Abierto 100mm

      Maquinilla Afeitar Timor Acero Inoxidable Peine Abierto 100mm

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