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Maquinilla de Afeitar Clásica Mühle R89 Peine cerrado


36,00 € IVA incluído 29,75 € sin IVA

Maquinilla de afeitar clásica Muhle R89 de peine cerrado.  Maquinilla muy precisa y ergonómica. El diseño de Muhle combina metal de alta calidad (recubrimiento de cromo) con un acabado exquisito con grabados en el mango.

Mango acabado en cromo mate grabado con un patrón de cebada que mejora el agarre y evita el deslizamiento.

Incluye instrucciones y una cuchilla de afeitar de doble hoja.

Longitud: 94mm

Peso: 64 gramos

Fabricado en Alemania. 

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Contiene AlcoholSin Alcohol

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Amazing, just that, nothing less

I have to say, I value reviews. its a shame that here there are not so many. Sure helps a lot, when you can read someone else experience. This is my first review.
Alright, lets talk about this amazing razor.
Iv been shaving with DE for about 5 years, so i cant say I am very experienced. I can say that i tried numerous blades, and couple of DE razors. this one, best of the best.
Built quality: Outstanding

Performance: Outstanding

Aggressiveness: Closest shave i ever had, feels like i dont have beard anymore :D. its a close shave, not so aggressive, very well balanced.

Grip handle: Its ok if your hand is dry. i would love if it would have a little bit more grip when hand is wet. overall good

Overall, best shave i ever had, razor feels like it can last for ages. well balanced handle and head. i would recommend it to even beginners, to advanced shavers as a must. if you looking for closest shave, quality, something that will last very long. dont look any further.

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- 11/01/2016

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Maquinilla de Afeitar Clásica Mühle R89 Peine cerrado

Maquinilla de Afeitar Clásica Mühle R89 Peine cerrado

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