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Floid After Shave Vigoroso 150ml


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Desde 1932 Floid genuino se elabora de acuerdo con una formula exclusiva, cuyos efectos resultan beneficiosos para el cuidado de la piel. Calma cualquier tipo de irritación producida por el afeitado, proporcionando una grata sensación de frescor.

Presenta su variedad Mentolado Vigoroso, para pieles resistentes.

Fabricada en España.

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Contiene Alcohol Con Alcohol

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Отличный лосьен!!!!!!! Запах огонь,очень хорошо увлажняет.

- 07/07/2017

an oldie but no as goldie as hyped

visitors of internet forums will find it hard to miss the love that Floid is getting from wet shavers. Both regular and the Vigoroso are also reviewed very favorably on Amazon, which swayed me to try it.

The scent is not unpleasant and is rather faint anyway, but if you like modern fragrances, this one is, well, different. It's an old school scent. Not Acqua di Parma or Boellis Panama 1924 old school but Myrsol or Geo F. Trumper Coral Skin Food old school.

It does leave the skin very smooth, soft and non-sticky but be prepared for the oomph. In fact, I suggest trying alum first and if there's any irritation, proceed with caution. Granted the punch is short lasting as the menthol seems to kick in but the first few seconds of Floid Vigoroso will bring tears to your eyes.

- 13/03/2017


just classic and giving good skin care.
nice scent.also have a little menthol kick.

- 15/11/2016

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Floid After Shave Vigoroso 150ml

Floid After Shave Vigoroso 150ml

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