Myrsol Crema líquida de afeitar 200ml. Ver más grande

Myrsol Crema líquida de afeitar 200ml.


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Crema líquida de afeitar con lanolina, 200gr. Específica para brocha de afeitar. Espuma con facilidad y aporta a la piel hidratación y elasticidad.

Fabricado en España.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Spanish quality, at it's finest!!!

This is my first review here on Gifts&Care (Which more should do, PLEASE, it will help them with product sales! And customers to get an understanding of the individual product!), figured it was about time, with all the stuff i have bought through there, but i also wanna test products, before just throwing out some dumb review that doesn't make sense :)

Myrsol, is without a doubt, some high-end products, i've tried a few of their products (Formula K, Balsamic Water, Myrsol Masaje F/Extra, Lemon), and they have not failed me a single time, in functionality, or scent!

The Liquid Shaving Cream, seems to be divided by people, some find it hard to lather, while others don't, personally, i think it is a technique issue, and the fact that although it is "Liquid", it can seem to be thirsty, even with soft-water ;) But i haven't had any problems with it, it lathers well, protects nicely, give a good glide for the blade, the skin feels well nourised, thanks to the Lanolin, and the nice citruisy scent, is just awesome! :)

The only thing i can point my finger at about this product, is the separation that happens, and that is NO problem at all, just give the bottle a good shake, and it is back to normal :)

I would highly recommend this product, and of course, the absolute amazing services from Gifts&Care, which with their services alone, will make me a forever customer!

Lots of love from Denmark!


- 04/12/2019

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Myrsol Crema líquida de afeitar 200ml.

Myrsol Crema líquida de afeitar 200ml.

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