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Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long 14095M


18,95 € IVA incluído 15,66 € sin IVA

Brocha de afeitar Vie-long 14095M de pelo de caballo natural sin tintar. Sorprendente fusión, de gran suavidad. Con mango en madera color roble, de forma redondeada.

Otro importante beneficio en la utilización del pelo de caballo para la fabricación de las brochas de afeitar, es el hecho de que el caballo no sufre ningún tipo de maltrato. El “corte de pelo” forma parte del cuidado e higiene del animal.

Mezcla de pelo; 35% crin, 65% cola

Altura total - 96mm.

Altura del mango - 45mm.

Altura del pelo - 50mm.

Diámetro del nudo - 21mm.

Se ofrece con un práctico stand acrílico transparente.

Fabricada en España.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Disappointed in V-L, not this Vendor

Seems my first review wasn't posted, The performance was very good and the price is reasonable as a first Horse Hair brush.

My disappointment is in the look of the knot, it's slightly asymmetrical and the hair-cut has a bi-level look, an Ugly Duckling that's not very pleasing to the eye.

If you can get past the look, buy it, if not spend an extra $5-10 and go for the 24mm knot, these are pleasing to the eye and will perform even better. Natural Brown if you like some scrub/scratch, or the Blonde for a less scratchy experience.

- 04/08/2017

Disappointed in V-L, not this Vendor

I know it's an inexpensive brush but , I'm disappointed with the irregular shape and noticeable bi-level hair-cut around the sides of the knot.
The lather takes little effort or pressure to be shave-ready, a lather beast in a small knot, and comfortable handle for small to medium size hands.
Low on scrub, moderate scratch, if you're looking for softness get the blonde offering.
If you can tolerate looks,I can't, it's a good, inexpensive entry level performer for a small Horse hair.

- 27/07/2017

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Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long 14095M

Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long 14095M

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