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Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long 12705


12,95 € IVA incluído 10,70 € sin IVA

Brocha de afeitar Vie-long 12705 de pelo de caballo natural (no tintado). Gran firmeza e inmejorable suavidad, con mango en color marrón- caoba.

Otro importante beneficio en la utilización del pelo de caballo para la fabricación de las brochas de afeitar, es el hecho de que el caballo no sufre ningún tipo de maltrato. El “corte de pelo” forma parte del cuidado e higiene del animal.

Mezcla de pelo; 35% crin, 65% cola

Altura total -103mm.

Altura del mango - 45mm.

Altura del pelo - 57mm.

Diámetro del nudo - 24mm.

Fabricado en España.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Good Product

Waow, what a beutiful brush to this price! Not only for its respect to animals but also for its performance. At the beginning it is a little pricky but I guess after 10-15 uses it will be better. I observe that this brush is as soft as my finest badger brush when it is dry. My brushs loft is 53mm and it is a real leather maker/face leatherer. Its natural brown color has a great view and also I can see much better leather that this brush made.
Also I appreciate Vie-Long and Gifts&Care because of their fastest team work about brush personalisation.
I will also buy a Vie-Long 13061B as soon as possible.
I highly attract your attention: these brushes are stearilized.
I guess you will not be disappointed if you choose this brush.

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- 14/05/2013

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Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long 12705

Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long 12705

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