La Toja After Shave Bálsamo Protect 7 100ml


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After shave bálsamo La toja Proptect 7 100ml, nueva y revolucionaria fórmula sin alcohol dermatológicamente probada. Enriquecida con micro aceites y con las exclusivas Sales Minerales del manantial de La Toja. Aportando 7 Acciones protectoras incluso para las pieles más sensibles.




-Previene la tirantez de la piel.

-Anti- irritación


-Anti- enrojecimiento.

Ligero y de rápida absorción. Aroma fresco y revitalizante.

Fabricado en España. 

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Contiene AlcoholSin Alcohol

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Razor Burn Or Bumps

Testing this out, is like a miracle, i always end up with razor bumps, this product, removed that within a day!!! Highly recommended!!!

    - 10/12/2019

    Non Greasy

    From natures side, i get oily skin, so i am always edgy about balms, and other types of creams, and try to stay away from them, but this surprised me, in a positive way!

    If you have issues with oily skin, and still want some extra protection, especially during the winter months, this might be something of interest for you, as it feels great, you don't get a stiff face, and it doesn't feel greasy at all :)

    I thought it would come in plastic bottles, as it looked like it, but to my surprise, it is glass bottles A+++++ for that :)

    If you don't get oily skin, i am definitely sure, that this product, will be awesome for you, and the scent is so nice, typical La Toja :)


      - 07/12/2019

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      La Toja After Shave Bálsamo Protect 7 100ml

      La Toja After Shave Bálsamo Protect 7 100ml

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