Timor Double Edge Safety Razor Open Comb 1360K


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Timor Double Edge Safety Razor 1360K, is a precise and balance classic safety razor design and engineer in Germany. The handle is manufactured from solid olive wood, shaving head is made by zinc die-casting and full chrome plated - 100% stainless.

Due to is perfect balance will give an all times a smooth and close shave.

Razor is pack in a sliding and elegant gift box which includes 10 Timor double edge blades as complement.

1360K Timor traditional safety razor is offer with open comb. Open comb is recommended to those that look for a closest shave compare to close comb. Also, recommend for tough beards.

Handle Length - 100mm

Total Razor weight - 85gr approx.

Made in Germany by Giesen & Forsthoff.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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One of the best razors I have tried.

I have had this razor for a while now and been shaving with it for the past 7-8 shaves and find it to be such a wonderful shaver. It is pretty hefty and feels steady in my very large hands. Been using KAI blades and getting bbs shaves with ease and irritation free.
I recommend this razor to all from newbie to an experienced shaver.

- 06/3/2018

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Timor Double Edge Safety Razor Open Comb 1360K

Timor Double Edge Safety Razor Open Comb 1360K

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