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Razorock Ivory Resin Brush Stand


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Razorock Ivory Resin Brush Stand. This stand for Razorock machines ensures that your brushes are always well kept: placed in a suitable position to facilitate the cleaning and drying of the brush.

Made of resin, it ensures great durability, as it is resistant to continuous use. Its glossy finish in ivory color, brings an elegant touch to any hairdressing salon or barbershop, as it does to any bathroom.

Protect and care for your brushes with the quality they deserve. With this support you will avoid accidents and possible wear on the knot and handle. In addition, the ends that hold the handle have a beveled edge to keep the brush stable and minimize any scratches.

Height: 125mm

Neck width: 31mm

Ivory color.

Valid for most Razorock brushes and other brands

Made in Italy.

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Razorock Ivory Resin Brush Stand

Razorock Ivory Resin Brush Stand

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