Fitjar Slatteroy Shaving Soap 100gr


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Fitjar Slatteroy Shaving Soap 100gr handmade in Norway with natural products, without paraben or preservatives. Exotic woody spices with spicy citrus notes. A memory from seamen who used to come back from Orient bringing back mysterious presents.

Formula that offers the most exclusive classic shaving experience. Create a dense creamy lather that hydrates and keeps moist during the whole shaving time to offer maximum protection.

The manufacturer highlights the soap´s efficiency that allows a duration of 6 to 8 months.

It is presented in a luxurious cristal jar with a screw cap that allows to only buy refills after the first purchase

Made in Norway.

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Top Notch Cream From Up North

I purchased a tub of Slatteroy directly from Jorun a few years back and fell in love with her version of bay rum. Hard for me to describe the scent other than saying it is wonderful. Functionally it is a very good cream but I do find I use more of this product than other brands to achieve a good lather. The new style tubs are also very luxury like in their feel and appearance. I would highly recommend this to a friend or an enemy.

    - 02/8/2018

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    Fitjar Slatteroy Shaving Soap 100gr

    Fitjar Slatteroy Shaving Soap 100gr

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