RazoRock The Dead Sea Shaving Soap 250ml


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 RazoRock The Dead Sea Shaving Soap 250ml. An authentic gem for lovers of wet shaving. RazoRock soaps with their a soft texture stand out for their excellent performance. They lather easily and create a magnificent foam that maintains intact throughout the whole shave.

The Dead Sea has a very particular aroma. It contains two essential oils that are not used very frequently in perfumes. Gold Cannabis Oil and Saffron. Besides the marvelous properties for the skin from the salt of the Dead Sea, Lanolin extract and Aloe Vera have been added for an extraordinary post – shave experience.

250ml perfectly packaged in a heavy glass pot and aluminum lid for a perfect conservation.

 Aromas: Lemon, Rosemary, Cannabis, Saffron and Sandalwood.

Made in Italy using artisan methods. 

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Superb product

Difficult to describe the scent but it is so addictive. Sweety, lemon , fresh , airy......
The lather is thick , protective , very easy to obtain and very few swirls needed to load the brush. I usually use Saponificio Varesino and this Dead Sea is at least as good in all aspects. Why no after-shave ?
Wonderful !

    - 12/25/2016

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    RazoRock The Dead Sea Shaving Soap 250ml

    RazoRock The Dead Sea Shaving Soap 250ml

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