Omega Shaving Soap 150gr


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Omega Shaving Soap 150gr. This shaving soap contains eucalyptus oil, glycerin, and coconut oil to ensure a refreshing yet moisturizing shave. The coconut oil lubricates the skin and the eucalyptus soothes and cools. We recommend you use just a small amount of cream to create a thick, creamy lather. The end result after having used this soap will certainly impress. 

Omega products are made by the same manufacturers as the well-known brand Proraso. Rest assured you are dealing with high quality products.

Made in Italy.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Омега мыло для бритья

Мыло взбивается быстро , запах лёгкий,пена плотная но лёгкая, скольжение бритвы отличное. Эвкалипт интересно работает с кожей.

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- 07/6/2017

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Omega Shaving Soap 150gr

Omega Shaving Soap 150gr

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