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Mondial Bergamot Neroli Shaving Soap 60gr


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Mondial Neroli Bergamot Shaving Soap 60gr. Neroli Bergamot; essential energy. The essence of bergamot is obtained by the squeezing of the unripe fruit. Its solar aroma is able to soften the emotional excesses, to encourage self confidence, to make the interior energy emerge and it may be an excellent elixir for an enthusiastic awakening. It smoothes strains and it has got a revitalizing effect on the psyche.

Mondial shaving soap is still produced in according to an ancient recipe, with essential oils, fragrances intense and preservative free. It is left to mature in special oak wooden trays with absolutely natural process. After an initial periods of maturing it is imprinted Mondial brand absolutely by hand and it gives charm and prestige to a product that will amaze you. The leather that comes out from these wonderful soaps, it is a real emotion that can give you a unique shaving.

60ml shaving soap format is delivered with a plastic making it ideal when travelling or simply to keep it comfortably store.

Mondial Made in Italy since 1908.

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Jabon de tenue aroma, difícil de espumar en bol; es complicado darle el punto justo de hidratación a la brocha para poder hacer la espuma. Buenas cualidades deslizantes, pero no brilla tampoco. Otra experiencia en jabones...

- 03/31/2015

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Mondial Bergamot Neroli Shaving Soap 60gr

Mondial Bergamot Neroli Shaving Soap 60gr

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