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Myrsol Shaving Cream 1Kg


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Myrsol Shaving Cream 1kg format is made with lanolin and glycerine. Glycerine makes the blade glide smoothly and reduces razor burn and rashes. Lanolin protects and calms the skin after shaving.

It creates a richy and creamy leather, preparing the skin for shaving by softening and lifting the beard.

Made in Spain.

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Better than Sliced Toast

I really like this cream as a base for adding other scents as needed. For a two-three pass shave, I scoop out a little more than an almond-sized dollop, place it in a bowl and add around 10 drops of the Don Miguel 1919 agua de colonia, before whipping up the mix with a brush and droplets of tepid to hot water as needed. Longer loft Vie-Long horse and horse-badger knots in the ~57mm loft length range seem to work best here, given a brief dunking in water before hand, as do longer loft boar knots given the normal soak. Really a great lather for straight-razor shaving in my case.

    - 12/10/2016

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    Myrsol Shaving Cream 1Kg

    Myrsol Shaving Cream 1Kg

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