Kai Nail Clippers Type 003 19mm x 92mm M


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Type Kai M Nail Clippers. Made from stainless steel combined with plastic. A functional tool that incorporates a nail file and a plastic nail catcher making it ideal for a perfect, hygienic manicure or pedicure.  The rounded blade allows the user to work and cut precisely. Measure 19 X 92mm.

 Kai Type Nail Clippers offer handy and highly functional designs. Artisan workmanship and attention to detail make these ideal for design enthusiasts. This collection is perfect for those who appreciate the nicer things in life.

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as sharp as, hmm, a razor?

This baby is the sharpest nail clipper I've ever had and I've had some decent ones and sharpness is what you need in a nail clipper. A very effective file is integrated in the bottom as well as a plastic nail catcher made from frosted glass kind of plastic. One thing to notice, though: the distance between the two blades is very small, smaller than in European nail cutters, which requires a bit of a learning curve to manoeuvre the thingie.

    - 03/13/2017

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    Kai Nail Clippers Type 003 19mm x 92mm M

    Kai Nail Clippers Type 003 19mm x 92mm M

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