Razorock Hawk Green Anodized Safety Razor


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Razorock Hawk Green Anodized Safety Razor. This razor is ideal for a high-quality every day shaving. Product specially designed for the second edition of the HAWK line of this exclusive brand.

This is a classic safety razor with single Edge blades and a design that allows a quick and practical blade change. Thanks to its traditional blades, it gives you a very close shave. Its ergonomic shape and light weight of only 37gr ensure an easy and comfortable use.

It is CNC machined from 6061 billet and rod aluminum. Its antislip handle has a green finish of high quality and an elegant design that will give it a different and stylish touch.

An incredible shaving experience thanks to Razorock quality.

Handle height: 90mm




Made in Italy

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Razorock Hawk Green Anodized Safety Razor

Razorock Hawk Green Anodized Safety Razor

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