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Vie-Long Grey Badger Shaving Brush 16251


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Vie-Long started making badger hair shaving brushes in 1940. Nowadays grandson's founder continues making horse shaving brushes using the same traditional methods.

Pure badger hair is the most common hair used to manufacture shaving brushes. It is the entry level badger for most manufacturers and it comes from most part of badger body. Pure badger is usually dark color but fluctuates from light tan to a near black or silver sheen. Finishing of this hair is not as elaborate as other superior types of hair.

Vie-Long pure badger shaving brush 16251 is offered offered with a mix of translucent and coffee colours handle.

Overall Length - 90mm.

Handle Length - 40mm.

Loft - 50mm.

Knot - 21mm

It includes acrylic shaving brush stand.

Handmade in Spain.

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Vie-Long Grey Badger Shaving Brush 16251

Vie-Long Grey Badger Shaving Brush 16251

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