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Simpsons Shaving Brush "Eagle G3" Pure Badger


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Alexander Simpson started making brushes in 1919. Since then Simpsons shaving brushes have growth their reputation world-wide. In 2008 Progress Vulfix purchased the company which still today continues making world’s finest brushes entirely by hand.

Eagle G 3 Simpsons Shaving Brush is made with Pure Badger hair. Due to its short loft it produces a nice exfoliating feeling whilst lifting hairs and preparing the skin for a gentle shave.

Faux Ivory color handle.

Overall Length - 95mm.

Handle Length -  48mm.

Loft - 47mm.

Knot - 22mm.

Handcraft in England.

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Simpsons Shaving Brush "Eagle G3" Pure Badger

Simpsons Shaving Brush "Eagle G3" Pure Badger

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