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Mühle Vivo Shaving Brush M Pure Badger Horn Brown


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Mühle Serie Vivo Shaving Brush Pure Badger with brown horn color handle. VIVO series from MÜHLE further develops and reinterprets the classic design vocabulary of its predecessors. The slightly bulbous shape of the handle tapers down to the chrome-plated base. The opposite curve of the brush and razor base is a typical stylistic feature of classic design which at the same time guarantees a secure fit in a specially developed holder.
The handle made of high-grade resin is manufactured in brown horn color. Both the exclusive high-grade resin polished to a glossy finish. The combination of form, weight and surface quality the brushes and razors satisfy not only aesthetic, but also ergonomic requirements.
For the production of the holders, MÜHLE uses a new procedure which makes it possible to bond plastic to the metal. This creates a support which accommodates the brush and razor perfectly and guarantees a firm grip. In addition, the shiny chrome surfaces are protected against scratching.

Pure badger hair - Solid quality for wet shavers who like a massaging effect while preparing to shave. The band of natural hair is machine-made, and the hairs are more flexible than bristles. The colour spectrum ranges from brownish-grey to black.

Overall Length - 108mm.

Handle Length - 53mm.

Loft - 55mm

Knot - 21mm.

Made in Germany.

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Mühle Vivo Shaving Brush M Pure Badger Horn Brown

Mühle Vivo Shaving Brush M Pure Badger Horn Brown

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