Gamma+ Plasma Black & Blue Hairdryer


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Gamma+ Plasma Black & Blue Hairdryer. This dryer offers two great advantages:

On the one hand, its exclusive UV lamp activates the air, transforming it into active oxygen. This interacts with colour molecules, promoting better maintenance and longer lasting colouring; facilitates the closure of the cuticles, making the hair smoother and shinier; protects the internal structure of the hair from atmospheric agents; and carries out an oxidative process that encourages the natural restoration of the skin. On the other hand, its ion generator is adjustable according to the desired result. With the generator activated (ION), the hair is more hydrated, soft and free of static. Without it, we obtain greater volume and texture.

It works only with an electrical connection, through a 3 m anti-breakage cable.

Weight: 460 g

Noise: 70 dB

Air-flow rate: 25 l/sec.

Pressure: 25 mbar

Voltage: 220-240.

Power: 1900-2200.

The product will arrive in your hands in an elegant matte black finish, with a blue band on the back of the handle and at the end of the dryer, offering a modern and elegant touch to your hairdressing salon. The Gamma Più Plasma dryer is the only dryer in the world with an active oxygen transformer that provides healing and bactericidal power, according to the certificate issued by "Microb Laboratory". Its advantages have also been scientifically proven by Biomedical S.R.L., a biomedical centre for dermatology and trichology.

Made in Italy

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Gamma+ Plasma Black & Blue Hairdryer

Gamma+ Plasma Black & Blue Hairdryer

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