Gamma+ Aria Dual Ionic 2250W Gold Rose Hairdryer


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Gamma+ Aria Dual Ionic 2250W Gold Rose Hairdryer. The Gamma Più Ion Ceramic S dryer has an ion generator that can be adjusted according to the desired result. With the generator activated (ION), the hair is more hydrated, soft and free of static. Without it, we obtain greater volume and texture. It also has nano silver technology thanks to its grille coated with 99.9% silver, and ETC technology that generates air pressure in a spiral, deeply drying the hair. What's more, thanks to its ultra-kinetic motor, it provides air pressure of 108 m3/h and offers high-temperature air to tame even the most rebellious hair. The icing on the cake: aside from being very powerful, this hairdryer is particularly quiet, thus reducing acoustic stress in your hairdressing salon. It works only with electrical connection via cable. The product will arrive in your hands in an elegant glossy rose-gold finish.

Weight: 390 g. Ultralight, it facilitates drying and styling.

Voltage: 220-240.

Power: 2500.

The Gamma Più Plasma dryer is the only dryer in the world with an active oxygen transformer that provides healing and bactericidal power, according to the certificate issued by "Microb Laboratory". Its advantages have also been scientifically proven by Biomedical S.R.L., a biomedical centre for dermatology and trichology.

Made in Italy.

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Gamma+ Aria Dual Ionic 2250W Gold Rose Hairdryer

Gamma+ Aria Dual Ionic 2250W Gold Rose Hairdryer

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