Captain Fawcett Jimmy Niggels Beard Oil 50ml


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Jimmy Niggles Captain Fawcett Beard Oil 50ml. This special edition oil has been elaborated in collaboration with Jimmy Niggles, an iconic figure when it comes to beards. It’s a unique combination of oils that have been handmade using fresh ocean and earthy aromas, with light notes of resin and to finish of, an exciting citrusy aroma. The only thing missing that would make it the best beard oil in the world would be to have 23 carat gold flakes in it. Guess what? It has. Exquisite gold flakes that completely dissolve once applied to the beard.

Use: Pour some drops onto the palm of your hand and rub gently. The flakes will dissolve. Apply onto the beard and comb carefully.

This oil has been elaborated in small batches by the Captain Fawcett master mixer. It comes in a glass bottle complete with a pipet. Jimmy Niggles is the ambassador of Beard Season, a global movement whose objective is to raise awareness amongst young people of the dangers of melanoma and support research into this killer disease. Melanoma is one of the deadliest cancers in the world.  The profit from each bottle of Million Dollar Beard Oil goes towards the to the fight against melanoma.

Made in the UK.

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Captain Fawcett  Jimmy Niggels Beard Oil 50ml

Captain Fawcett Jimmy Niggels Beard Oil 50ml

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