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Mühle Rocca Black Silvertip Fiber Shaving Brush


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Mühle Rocca Black Silvertip Fiber Shaving Brush. Marvelously simple and particularly masculine, the Rocca line inclines for the modern man who knows how to look after himself. The different metals used by the brand go through a careful process. Rocca represents durability and quality. The materials used are not only aesthetically pleasing but thanks to the slightly satin finish they will last a lifetime and beyond.

The structure of the handle surface is inspired in classic designs, elaborated with the most innovative materials. The panel not only accentuates the contrast of the surface with the exquisite satin matte finish but it provides the handle with excellent non-slip properties.

Fitted with a knot of Premium quality synthetic fibers developed by Mühle to take on nature. Mühle’s synthetic fiber stands out for being similar to natural hair. It matches natural hair in softness, it consumes less product and generates an exuberant lather. It dries quickly keeping the brush clean and bacteria-free.


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Made in Germany.

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Mühle Rocca Black Silvertip Fiber Shaving Brush

Mühle Rocca Black Silvertip Fiber Shaving Brush

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