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Acca Kappa Shaving Brush Silvertip "Apollo"


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Acca Kappa Shaving Brush Silvertip "Apollo."  This exquisitely made shaving brush has a solid, zebrawood, wax-finished barrel. It has been crafted by expert wood carvers and can be described as a mini work of art.The African wood has a beautiful appearance featuring dark grains on a honey coloured background. The wood has been hand treated to ensure that it remains perfectly intact for many, many years. The handle is functional and sports a sophisticated design. The hairs have been hand-picked to be flexible, soft and hardwearing. This brush is guaranteed to give you the perfect shave.

Knot: 55mm

Handle length: 50mm

Knot diameter: 24mm

Total height: 110mm

Made in Italy.

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Acca Kappa Shaving Brush Silvertip "Apollo"

Acca Kappa Shaving Brush Silvertip "Apollo"

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