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Osma Tradition Pre-shave Oil 15ml


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Osma Tradition Pre-shave Oil 15ml. With its 100% of natural origin ingredients combination, Osma Tradition Pre-Shave Oil allows to facilitate razors’ cross.
Our Pre Shave Oil contains a high amount of vitamins and essential fatty acids, to let your skin sweet and protect it against shaving aggressions. An easier glide for a silky shaving.

Since 1957, Osma offers to customer’s high quality products dedicated to wet shaving. In respect to the craft traditions, rigorous selection of our raw materials, choice of natural ingredients are the values which we always put forward in the creation of our products.

In this way was born Osma Tradition, simplicity, authenticity and quality are the foundations of Osma Tradition product range.

Made in France.

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Osma Tradition Pre-shave Oil 15ml

Osma Tradition Pre-shave Oil 15ml

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