Clubman Pinaud Pre-Shave Oil 30ml


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Clubman Pinaud Pre-Shave Oil 30ml.  This special blend of essential natural oils will reduce the skin’s dryness and will leave it in optimum condition for a close shave, scratch, cut free. It combines macadamia oil, moringa oil and nut oil that tone the skin.

It creates a protective barrier that improves the sliding of the blade over the hair, improving the overall result. This includes even the toughest of beards.

Clubman Pinaud Oil is an excellent beard moisturizer. It keeps the beard hydrated and looking healthy thanks to the essential oils found in the ingredients. It doesn’t only hydrate the beard, it also looks after the skin, avoids flaking and the typical stinging caused by other after shaves.  

 Made in the USA. 

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Imposible utilizarlo. Inmediatamente “corta” la espuma del jabón y desparece. Además la cuchilla le cuesta mucho deslizarse

    - 01/21/2018

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    Clubman Pinaud Pre-Shave Oil 30ml

    Clubman Pinaud Pre-Shave Oil 30ml

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