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  • Aceite Pre Afeitado Acqua di Parma Bebería 30ml
  • Aceite Pre Afeitado Acqua di Parma Bebería 30ml

Acqua di Parma Pre Shave Oil 30ml

Acqua di Parma Pre Shave Oil 30ml. A rich clear and lightweight texture, a fine blend of eudermic oils, that creates a protective layer on the skin for an extremely delicate shave respecting the skin's natural balance. It is ideal for dry skin thanks to its nourishing properties. It has a lightweight texture. Soft and emollient , it adapts to the skin lifting the hair of the beard for an accurate shave and improved hair growth. Easy to rinse off, does not leave the skin greasy.

This product can be use as pre-shave to prepare the skin before applying the shaving cream or it can substitute the shaving cream. For a pleasant and enjoyable shave, use it as pre shave before applying your shaving cream or shaving soap!

“Collezione Barbiere” is a modern adaptation of traditional Italian shaving. This product range by Acqua di Parma has been thought up for those men who care about their wellbeing. A range of high quality products, rich textures with an elegant and innovative design.

Made in Italy.

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