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Layrite Original Hair pomade 297gr


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Layrite Original Hair pomade 297gr. Original, water-based, extremely versatile formula that allows for an excellent hold on short, fine or normal hair. Perfect for messy styles or short, classic, refined styles.

The hold and shine depend on the application. Applied onto wet hair, a better hold and less shine is achieved. If applied onto dry hair, more shine will be provided and a more subtle, natural hold. It will hold the hair in place all day allowing the style to be altered with your hands or a small comb. The water-base composition does not leave residue, it washes out easily and from hands too with just water.

Easy to extend and apply due to its texture. It is similar to a thick gel that is quickly distributed over the hair with the help of your hands or a comb.

Light vanilla fragrance

Made in the USA.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Layrite Original Hair pomade 297gr

Layrite Original Hair pomade 297gr

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