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Henson Shaving Tan Aluminum Mild Safety Razor

Henson Shaving Tan Aluminum Safety Razor. Henson AL13 Razor. The closed comb provides a shave of mild intensity, less aggressive and more pleasant. Suitable for the most sensitive skin types and especially for beginners in shaving with a razor. The blade holder creates the most accurate blade exposure on the market. This combined with its unique design ensures that there is no vibration from the blade, thus avoiding scratches or burns.

A product of the highest quality at a fair price. By using high-quality razors such as Henson's, you will save money, but you will also participate in reducing the environmental impact produced by plastic razors. Aluminum finish in "tan" colour, very elegant.

Approximate weight: 37 gr.

Henson uses aerospace-quality techniques to manufacture its razors and blades. Its mechanized manufacturing process offers incredible precision. Update your shaving routine with Henson.

Made in Canada.

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