Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Scuttle Crown King


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Scuttle Crown King Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements. Ceramic shaving bowl inspired in the shaving mugs of the Old West. There is nothing like a hot lather from the moment you start your shaving ritual right to the end. Maintaining the original design, its functionality has been improved thanks to the studied improvements. Eight vertical “digs” have been added that give the product extra resistance and the horizontal lines work harmoniously together for optimum balance and performance. The traditional cork stopper has been replaced by one made of silicone that resists the passing of time and allows for a watertight seal that guarantees to keep the water warm throughout the whole shave.

The warm foam allows for a more comfortable and closer shave. The fact that the water is kept warm throughout the whole process avoids a cold brush that difficults shaving and damages the skin.

To achieve the best results: Fill the top part of the container with very hot water and leave the brush to rest inside for 5-10 minutes. Before lathering empty the water from the top part and fill the bottom chamber of the Scuttle with very hot water. Put your chosen soap on the brush and lather in the bowl using circular movements and a little pump action. Boiling water can cause small cracks and stress marks in the porcelain.

Handmade in the USA

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Recien desembalada y probada,. Un lujo, una pieza ideal para disfrutar de una excelente espuma y más con mi propio jabón. Muy buena compra y muy recomendable. El servicio impecable y rapidísimo.

- 08/31/2018

Scuttle Crown King

Today I received my shaving scuttle, very well packaged, shipped around the half world in only 3 days! I'm very happy with the quality, size and performance. Incredible nice experience to shave with warm lather. Shape and lines make it easy to lather up shaving cream or soap. Keeps a good heat quite long. Was delivered with three plugs, two rubber made and one made of cork and an instruction for the correct use of a shaving scuttle.
Thanks to for the kind contact and the incredible fast shipping half around the world!

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- 10/19/2017

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Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Scuttle Crown King

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Scuttle Crown King

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