Captain Fawcett Barberism Moustache Wax 15ml


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Captain Fawcett Barberism Moustache Wax 15ml. Captain Fawcett’s Barberism collaboration with Sid Sottung has produced a simply superb Moustache Wax with a timeless & yet refreshingly elegant scent that boasts top notes of Lime & Orange, mid notes of Rose & Galbanum along with the earthier base notes of Cedarwood, Patchouli & Musk. In truth this is a simply delightful alchemic concoction.

Supplied in an aluminium tin with a screw top lid.

To use:

    • Keep wax warm in either a waistcoat or trouser pocket.
    • Use the back of your finger nail to remove a small amount of wax from the jar.
    • Soften wax between thumb and forefinger, smooth into your moustache in an outwards & upwards motion. 
    • Adding a little wax in a final twisting flourish to your by now perky tips will ensure a tip top finish.

Made in UK

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Never disappoints

Captain Fawcett is one of the best brands when it comes to male grooming. This new range smells amazing and this moustache wax keeps my money maker out of my mouth and smelling great! Thanks to Gifts and Care for making this available and read to be shipped to Portugal. Keep up the good work.

    - 11/21/2017

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    Captain Fawcett Barberism Moustache Wax 15ml

    Captain Fawcett Barberism Moustache Wax 15ml

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