Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax Ricki Hall's 15ml


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Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Moustache Wax 15ml. Captain Fawcett collaborate with the World renowned Dandy & Gentleman about town Mr Ricki Hall in concocting this simply delectable bespoke Moustache Wax.

A rich and complex blend of beeswax and essential oils combine to create luxurious base notes of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin, woody oak moss and warm exotic vanilla bean, layered with mid notes of fresh hops and sweet bog myrtle finished with the top notes of spice from the bay rum tree and zesty orange.

Supplied in an aluminium tin with a screw top lid.

Top tips for maintaining a stiff upper lip.

    • Keep wax warm in either a waistcoat or trouser pocket.
    • Use the back of your finger nail to remove a small amount of wax from the jar.
    • Soften wax between thumb and forefinger, smooth into your moustache in an outwards & upwards motion. 
    • Adding a little wax in a final twisting flourish to your by now perky tips will ensure a tip top finish.

Made in UK

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Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax Ricki Hall's 15ml

Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax Ricki Hall's 15ml

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