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Changeable Blade Razor.

€2.89 tax incl.
Ref: O00698

This Changeable Blade Razor is an ideal product for the use of professionals, they have a comfortable and functional design. In turn, it uses standard replacement blades on the market.


Compatible with standard blades. Made of stainless steel.
Comfortable plastic handle. Half edge sheet.
  • Personalized Advising
  • Free returns
  • Premium quality

The Changeable Blade Razor is a tool that will help generate a professional shave thanks to its easy grip and maneuverability. Ideal for barbers to carry out their shaving sessions safely and quickly.

Its strong plastic handle is comfortable and has a good grip. It has a half edge blade design and is a switchable razor. It is compatible with double edge or split razor blades.

Manufactured by the Eurostil brand, where they use the best materials to create this knife. Its stainless steel and the plastic they use allow this product to gain great resistance against bumps and falls.

Presentation: packed per unit.

Made in Spain.

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