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  • Soporte Hojas Shavette Rojo
  • Soporte Hojas Shavette Rojo

Soporte Hojas Shavette Transparente

€2.44 tax incl.
Ref: 31450411

This Transparent Dovo Shavette Blade Holder will help professional barbers and barbershop enthusiasts to fit double-edged blades to their shavettes.


Translucent White. High resistance plastic.
Standard for double-edged blades on the market. Compatible with Dovo shavettes.
  • Personalized Advising
  • Free returns
  • Premium quality

The Dovo Transparent Shavette Blade Holder is a great accessory for shavettes, it will help adjust the cut and style of double-edged blades to maintain hygiene and a professional finish.

It is made of highly resistant transparent colored plastic. When used, it will allow standard double blade knives to fit. At the same time, the blades can be replaced with enviable safety and speed without sullying the hygiene required in shaving.

They are manufactured by the German brand Dovo, which was founded in 1906. They are experts in the manufacture of shaving items and have great designs, vast experience and top quality products for the public.

Presentation: packed per unit.

Made in Germany.

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