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Merkur Future Safety Razor


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Merkur Future Adjustable Dobuel Edge Safety RazorSatin Chrome, has an extraordinary and modern design. It features an easy and quick system to replace blades. It can be adjusted in 6 different positions. 1 to 2 recommended for beginners. Progressively when you will fill confident adjust it at higher numbers to provide you a more aggressive and closer shave.

Made in Soligen, Germany.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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One of the best razors!

I personally don't like adjustable razors. And when I got my hands on Merkur Futur I didn't like even it's appearance! Heavy, fat head and slippery handle... but when I started shaving! It's 5 stars! Comfortable clean and once again COMFORTABLE! Shave like a breeze! Strongly recommended!

- 07/24/2020

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Merkur Future Safety Razor

Merkur Future Safety Razor

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