Classic Wooden Vending Display


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Classic Wooden Vending Display. This wooden display case by Brosh is the ideal complement for hairdressing professionals.

Specially designed for the proper storage of your Brosh pomades. Each row contains up to thirteen standard size Brosh tins (115 g) or five of the large ones (280 g). Brosh is not just a product, it's a way of understanding your image, your style and the way you think.

Made out of wood and painstakingly varnished to achieve a vintage style with plenty of class. It will bring elegance to your salon, while always keeping your ointments in order with the care and quality they deserve.

Width: 360mm

Height: 525mm

Diameter: 130mm

Weight: 2185kg

Made in Japan.

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Classic Wooden Vending Display

Classic Wooden Vending Display

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