Ikon B1 Safety Razor Closed Comb OSS Handle


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Ikon B1 Safety Razor Stardard Head or Closed Comb. Standard Head Razor with DLC Diamond Like Carbon coated 2 part solid stainless steel head  – this is our more aggressive base plate type in our iKon modular system.

Great for coarse beards, non daily shavers or the experienced hand.

The top cap and base plate fully cover the ends of the razor blade tabs, as any modern properly made safety razor should. Fitted on a fully machined stainless steel 95mm iKon "OSS " handle.

There is nothing else that comes close to the superior quality shaves iKon razors offer or the modern engineering techniques utilized to create the worlds finest shaving tools.

100% stainless steel ensures a free rust and no plating to come off ensuring a long life service from this gorgeous safety razor.

Aprox weight 105g

Black DLC Standard head

Made in USA

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Ikon B1 Safety Razor Closed Comb OSS Handle

Ikon B1 Safety Razor Closed Comb OSS Handle

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