Oksson Black Safety Razor


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Oksson Black Safety Razor. This razor has a black handle and base made of solid brass. The best material for a razor that provides weight and perfect resistence.

The Oksson razors are made with CNC technology, giving it an extreme precision for finishes and tolerance. This is a product with a patent and with the licences that are in accordance with intellectual properties.

The magnets allow to leave the razor in a vertical position, ensuring that the blade never touches the sink.

It has the perfect weight and balance to adapt to the movements when shaving.

Once shaving is finishes, dry the magnets with a towel. Leave the razor on its base very carefully to avoid damaging the magnets.

Oksson works in collaboration with Edwin Jagger, combs providers since 1988.

Each Oksson razor comes with 5 Feather blades, the best ones on the market.

Designed and made in Spain.

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Oksson Black Safety Razor

Oksson Black Safety Razor

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