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  • Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long  12651
  • Brocha de Afeitar Caballo Vie-Long  12651

Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush 12651


Vie-Long shaving brush 12651 made with natural brown horse hair, not bleached. An excellent combination of firm hair and soft tips thanks to a dedicated process that Vie-Long applies to the tips. Horse hair allows very good water retention. Offer with an elegant ibiry handle.

Horses are not harmed during collection process. “Hair cut” is part of the horse care and hygiene.

Hair mix: 35% mane hair; 65% tail hair

Overall Length - 92mm.

Handle Length - 42mm.

Loft - 50mm.

Knot - 21mm.

Made in Spain.

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