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Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush 12601

€10.75 tax incl.
Ref: B1709

Vie-Long started making horse hair shaving brushes in 1940. Nowadays grandson's founder continues making horse shaving brushes using the same traditional methods.


✔️ Prepares the skin for shaving   ✔️ They should dry well
✔️ Ideal drying upside down    ✔️ All skin types
✔️ Require little care    ✔️ Indicated for hard beards
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  • Personalized Advising
  • Free returns
  • Premium quality

Vie-long 12601 natural horse hair shaving brush ( not dyed ). Great firmness and unbeatable softness, with a caramel-colored handle.

Another important benefit in the use of horse hair for the manufacture of shaving brushes is the fact that the horse does not suffer any type of mistreatment. The "haircut" is part of the care and hygiene of the animal .

hair mix; 35% mane, 65% tail

Overall height-100mm.

Handle height- 45mm.

Pile height-55mm.

Knot diameter- 21mm.

Made in Spain.

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