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Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush 13066B


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Vie-Long started making horse hair shaving brushes in 1940. Nowadays grandson's founder continues making horse shaving brushes using the same traditional methods.

Vie-Long shaving brush 13066B made with white natural horse hair. An excellent combination of firm hair and soft tips thanks to a dedicated process that Vie-Long applies to the tips. Horse hair allows very good water retention. Offer with a brown-mahogany color handle. 

Horses are not harmed during collection process. “Hair cut” is part of the horse care and hygiene.

Hair mix: 50% mane hair; 50% tail hair 

Overall Length - 100mm.

Handle Length - 48mm.

Loft - 50mm

Knot - 24mm.

Made in Spain.

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I've been using a Vie-Long 12705 for about a month now and really enjoy it. When I saw the 13066B I had to have it. I requested a custom loft at 48mm, the people at Gifts and Care were great to work with and I received my brush promptly. The blonde bristles are softer than the brown but I have had no problem lathering my hard soaps. The shorter loft makes a great face lathering brush with its comfortable face feel and good backbone for handling hard soaps (all I use). The handle is comfortable and secure when lathering. I have no problem recommending this brush and Gifts & Care to other wet shavers, great products and excellent service.

    - 09/1/2018

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    Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush 13066B

    Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush 13066B

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