Wahl Trimmer Hero Clippers


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Wahl Trimmer Hero Clippers. These Wahl clippers are deigned to provide a sharp performance that the most demanding stylists exert. The Wahl Hero clippers are powerful and are easy to use and manage.

 They easily fit in the palm of your hand therefore making them comfortable to use. Ideal for creating artwork. The product comes with all the necessary required accessories.

 Wahl, created by Leo J. Wahl, is a leader in the professional and home grooming sector. The brand carries forward the tradition of innovation and excellent customer service. This family-owned company has been a leading manufacturer of grooming for almost 100 years.

 Made in the USA.

** Personal Hygiene Item. Returns or exchanges restricted

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Wahl Trimmer Hero Clippers

Wahl Trimmer Hero Clippers

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