Wahl Clipper Balding 5 Stars


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Wahl Clipper Balding 5 Stars. These Wahl clippers are both professional and unique. The trimmer allows for full head balding and tight fades. Like all Wahl products, it is powerful and is fitted with a super close-cutting single-cut vibrator clipper.

 It has a powerful motor that cuts twice the speed of pivot motors. The fitted blades are rust proof, high precision and chrome-plated.

 Wahl, created by Leo J. Wahl, is a leader in the professional and home grooming sector. The brand carries forward the tradition of innovation and excellent customer service. This family-owned company has been a leading manufacturer of grooming for almost 100 years.

 Made in the USA.

** Personal Hygiene Item. Returns or exchanges restricted

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Wahl Clipper Balding 5 Stars

Wahl Clipper Balding 5 Stars

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