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Bolin Webb Graphite Shaving Razor R1 + Recambio


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Bolin Webb graphite Mach3 shaving razor. This sleek, stylish Bolin Webb R1-GRH in graphite is compatible with Mach3 blades. The razor features a lacquered metal, sturdy handle that is easy to grip and hygienic.Just rinse under hot water to clean.  The sculpted, elegant design allows for a pleasurable, comfortable shave. It will leave even the most demanding of gentlemen wanting for more. 

This razor comes in an elegant gift box.

Bolin Webb specializes in both designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality grooming products for the distinguished gentleman. The razors boast a streamlined body and lightweight handles that are compatible with Mach3 blades cartridges. The razors feature a head that pivots with rounded edges for shaving those awkward spots. The fact that the handles are painted by professionals in the automobile world gives the razors a masculine twist and cool factor.

All the razors come with a two-year guarantee.

Made in the UK.


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Bolin Webb Graphite Shaving Razor R1 + Recambio

Bolin Webb Graphite Shaving Razor R1 + Recambio

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