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Bolin Webb Black Shaving Razor R1 + Recambio


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R1-Jet Bolin Webb Shaving Razor compatible with Mach3 blades. This model is iconic in the collection of Bolin Webb razors. It has an elegant lacquered metal black handle that accepts Mach3 blades. The curved handle that features a bacteria-resistant rubber underside is comfortable to grip and allows for a comfortable, quality shave.

Presented in a quality Bolin Webb gift box.

The young, cool British brand Bolin Webb specializes in designing and manufacturing Premium razors. The razors were originally inspired by the design of classic British cars. Both the finish and performance capture the true spirit of great British automobiles. Cars that feature balanced, curved lines. The brand uses bold colours that are applied to the handles. These colours are also inspired in the world of the automobile including Ferrari red and yellow, and Monza Red. The colours are painted on the razor handles to the same high standards as your car.

All the razors come with a two-year guarantee.

Made in the UK.

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Bolin Webb Black Shaving Razor R1 + Recambio

Bolin Webb Black Shaving Razor R1 + Recambio

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