Omega Shaving Brush "Hi Brush" Phosphorescent


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Omega Synthetic Shaving Brush “Hi Brush” with fluorescent handle. Hi brush is the new synthetic fibre that has been developed by Omega to revolutionise the market of vegan brushes. Performance is improved by freeing just the right amount of soap and creating a rich lather. This hair is more effective than both pig and badger. The tips have been treated making it soft and long-lasting alike. It is easy –to-clean and maintain and more hygienic than natural hair.

If you are looking for an original handle, Omega has come up with the first fluorescent handle. Made from resin mixed with fluorescentpigment powder allowing your brush to glow in the darkness.

Knot: 24mm

Loft: 57mm

Handle height: 50mm

Made in Italy.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Omega Shaving Brush "Hi Brush" Phosphorescent

Omega Shaving Brush "Hi Brush" Phosphorescent

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