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Mühle Kosmo Shaving Brush M Silvertip Fibre Olivewood


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Mühle Kosmo Shaving Brush Silvertip Fibre Olivewood. Silvertip Fibre - high-quality synthetic fibres, a world first: a premium quality developed in-house analogously to natural silvertip badger. Silvertip Fibres are tangibly soft, extremely long-lasting and somewhat less sensitive in everyday use as water drips of them and they dry faster than natural hair. The completely vegan fibres are more economically to use, create a particularly creamy lather from shaving soaps and creams but require only half of the amount of medium compared to natural brushes. Their solid fibres make them more hygienic and easier to clean.

Olive Wood & Chrome Handle - Olive wood acquires its particular appeal due to its vibrant grain and Mediterranean flair. It is oiled in order to obtain a deep, honey-coloured gleam. Chrome is a silvery-white metal that is processed galvanically. Handles made of brass are first nickel-plated and then refined stylishly with chrome.

Total Lenght - 110mm

Handle Lenght - 55mm

Loft - 55mm

Knot - 21mm

Shaving Brush Weight 78gr.

Made in Germany.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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Mühle Kosmo Shaving Brush M Silvertip Fibre Olivewood

Mühle Kosmo Shaving Brush M Silvertip Fibre Olivewood

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