Fatip Gold Closed Comb “Gentile” Safety Razor


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Fatip Gold Closed Comb “Gentile” Safety Razor. Three piece closed comb safety razor offers a gentle but also closed shave. Shave it’s not as aggressive compare to Fatip open comb head. The handle of this safety razor reminds the classic and elegant design of The Greek Parthenon columns. This design provides an anti-slip effect when hands are wet.

Fatip “Gentile” safety razors are designed with a closed comb head, opposite to their traditional range where all models were offered with Open Comb heads. The head is 100% made of brass and metallic finishing process is giving one by one to all razor heads.

Fatip safety razors are handcraft in a small village located closed to Como Lake (North of Italy). They are an example of Italian craftsmanship and tradition pass from generation to generation.

Razor Weight – 66g / Razor length – 87mm / Handle Length – 78mm / Head Width 42mm

Handmade in Italy.

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Contiene Alcohol Sin Alcohol

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High-quality and effective razor, I shave my head and beard, I think it is better than Edwin Jagger and other premium shavers

- 06/21/2016

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Fatip Gold Closed Comb “Gentile” Safety Razor

Fatip Gold Closed Comb “Gentile” Safety Razor

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