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  • Pack 12 DE Blades Brands
  • Pack 12 DE Blades Brands

Pack 12 DE Blades Brands

€11.70 tax incl.
Ref: PC12

The 12 Brands Razor Blades Pack is a promotion that will help the barber or lover of classic shaving that allows them to have different high-quality blades at their disposal.


Without generating plastic waste. Reduces irritation.
Great sustainability. They are standard for most classic machines.
  • Personalized Advising
  • Free returns
  • Premium quality

This pack contains

This Pack of 12 Brands Razor Blades is a great option of blades to have as a spare and thus you can achieve savings by taking advantage of this promotion and leaving several options of different brands that can be used.

This pack consists of 85 blades which are categorized into: 10 Elios, 10 Personna, 10 Feather, 10 Croma, 5 Bolzano, 5 Derby, 5 Bic, 10 Supermax, 5 Astra, 5 Lord Platinum, 5 Lord Super Inox and 5 Lord Super Chrome.

They are manufactured by different brands, which use the best materials to produce these high quality blades that are compatible with razors such as Merkur, Vie-long, Edwin Jagger and Taylor's of Old Bond Street.

Presentation: pack of 12 boxes.

Made in Egypt, Japan, Greece, Turkey and Russia.

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